How to Get More Monthly Viewers on Pinterest


Are you ready for an actionable guide on how to get more monthly viewers on Pinterest? Well my friend, I’ve got you covered!!

From someone who bounces from 1 million to 3 million on average, I consider myself the expert to talk about this (check out my Pinterest account here)!

Learning how to get more Pinterest monthly viewers is actually a very simple task and you should start seeing results right away. All you need is a good strategy and good practices, and you will see your views sky rocket!!

Okay, enough of the fluff.. let’s dive in!

How To See Monthly Viewers on Pinterest?

Getting that beautiful calculation on your home page makes you seriously know what you’re doing. Especially when it’s a big number 😉

So if you are just starting out, or just curious on why some people get it and some people don’t.. It’s a very simple explanation.

All you have to do is convert your account to a business account for you to start seeing that number populate. If it doesn’t do it immediately, just give it 24 hours and it should pop up!

To change this, go to your Settings –> Account Settings –> Scroll down to “Account Changes” –> Convert to a Business Account.

This is completely FREE! The benefit of converting to a business account is access to more features, tuning in your home feed to look more professional, that monthly viewers calculation, and access to analytics!

How to grow your monthly viewers on pInterest

Why are Monthly Viewers Important?

Growing your monthly viewers on Pinterest does not directly correlate to making more money or gaining more followers. It does however give you benchmarks to reach and show you how well your Pinterest account is doing.

It is also a very impressive metric to show to brands, hotels, and tourism boards. Whenever I state something like,

“I will write an itinerary on this destination that recommends your hotel as the property to stay at. This itinerary will be marketed on my email list, social media channels, and my Pinterest account that reaches over 1 million users monthly!”

That sounds pretty damn impressive doesn’t it?! Instagram who? 😉

Many brands have been impressed with my Pinterest reach, especially because it is more unique than just being pitched with an “Instagram photo” that has an extremely short lifetime reach.

10 Ways to Get More Monthly Viewers on Pinterest

Okay, let’s dive into the good stuff! As always, I try to avoid the “fluff” as much as I can and give you extremely actionable tips that you can apply right away and see some results!

You ready?!


Tip #1: Do a “Pinterest Audit” with a fellow blogger for feedback on your pins

Ahhh, this is one of my favorite tips! This is something that is completely free, helps you connect with other bloggers, and helps SO MUCH!

I would find other bloggers around the same size as me in “Travel Bloggers” Facebook Groups and send them a DM on Facebook! I would say something like…

“Hi, I’m Monique! I have been working on my Pinterest account and creating pin images and would love a fresh set of eyes to give me some feedback. I would love to do the same for you! Would you be interested in doing a Pinterest Audit on each other?”

And seriously, everyone said yes. They wanted free feedback too!

Make sure you spend a good amount of time evaluating their account, giving them constructive criticism, lots of compliments on things you liked about their account, and BE NICE! 🙂

Tip #2: See your Audience’s Most Active Day on Pinterest

Find out when your audience is most active on Pinterest. Lets dive into Google Analytics.. which if you do not have that set up for your website, set that up RIGHT NOW. You can do that very easily with help with some YouTube Tutorials.

To see your audience’s most active day on Pinterest, follow these two easy steps:

  1. Go to Google Analytics and in the top search bar menu and type in “Best Day Pinterest”
  2. You will see a report pop up on the right hand side of the screen that shows the best day of the week for your Pinterest referral traffic. For me, mine is best on Sunday and worst on Friday! That way I know to pin most of my pins on Sunday and the least amount of pins on Fridays.
How to get more monthly Viewers on Pinterest

Pssst… Like this tip? It was included in my Advanced Pinterest Course!

Tip #3: Learn Basic SEO skills for Pinterest

Pinterest operates on an algorithm, just like any other platform. That means, that it is a computer who is determining what your content is about and who would be interested in it.

So, there are certain cues that you need to be sending to your little computer friend to ensure your content gets seen by the people who want to see it!

Here are a 5 SEO tips specific to Pinterest:

  1. Include at Least one Long Tail Keyword in your Pin Title
  2. Include MULTIPLE keywords in your pin description.
  3. Add a few broad hashtags at the end of your pin description.
  4. Make sure your board titles include keywords (example, I am a travel blogger so all my boards are titled, “Travel to ____.”)
  5. Add MULTIPLE keywords to your BOARD descriptions! Did you even know these existed? Most people miss this one!
Ways to increase your monthly viewers on pinterest

Tip #4: Set up Rich Pins on your Website

Setting up rich pins is painfully easy.. will literally take you less than five minutes to do! If you want to read my step-by-step guide on setting up Rich Pins, click here!

What are rich pins?! Well, if you don’t know what rich pins are, they are a way to make the user experience better.. AKA, you should be using them if you want to be in the algorithms favor!!

They essentially copy your blog post description and meta data from your website onto your pin. This is especially important for users who are pinning right from your site!

Tip #5: Learn what Performs Best on Pinterest & Apply that

There are certain things that analysts have found that make a pin perform better on Pinterest. This doesn’t mean that if you don’t follow these rules you won’t find success, but who wouldn’t want to maximize their chances?!

  1. Don’t Show your Face, for some reason people are less likely to click and save a photo of someone smiling or looking at the camera.
  2. Bright and Colorful Performs better than Dark and Moody
  3. Vertical Pins over Horizontal Pins
  4. Single Image pins and Multi-image pins both perform well
  5. Pins with text over the image perform better for blog posts / click through rates

Tip #6: Use all Pinterest’s New Features and use them right away

Just like any platform, Pinterest will push their new features because they want people to test them out and get used to them as quickly as possible. If you hop on their new features RIGHT AWAY, then you will be in the algorithm’s favor!

For example, using “alt Text” on your new pins is a very new thing on Pinterest. Same with idea pins and video pins!

I know big changes are annoying AF because they use way more brain power then sticking with what you know… but it will pay off! Just look at how many accounts blew up from using Instagram Reels when they first released them!

Example of Idea Pins

Tip #7: Make Sure your Site is Optimized for Pinterest’s Algorithm

This goes along with Tip #3, and I dive DEEP into this on my Advanced Pinterest Course, but here are some ways you can make sure your Pinterest Profile is optimized for the algorithm…

  1. Make Sure you have your account set up as a business account. Having that nice “monthly viewers” under your bio instantly makes your profile look more professional!
  2. Have all your board covers look cohesive by creating board covers in Canva.
  3. Include your niche and a link to your website in your Bio.
  4. Make sure your Profile Photo is bright, colorful, and an up close image of YOU! Studies show that a photo of you will perform better than a logo (unless you are a large corporation or tour company).
  5. Check to see if you have keywords in everywhere you can add keywords (pin title, pin description, profile bio, board names, board descriptions, etc.)!
My travel Blog Board Examples

Tip #8: Don’t Sleep on Tailwind

Tailwind is a third-party app that allows you to schedule and batch your pinning. This is the only third-party app that directly works with and is approved by Pinterest for automating pins.

If you have been using Pinterest for a while now, you know that Pinterest is time consuming AF. You can dedicate hours of your time to Pinterest and watch your monthly viewers skyrocket, but if you take a week off without pinning… you can see those monthly viewers drop just as fast as they rose!

That my friend, is why Tailwind will be your best friend.

You can spend about an hour per month (yes, PER MONTH) batching your pins. Tailwind allows you to create a schedule where you can choose pins in advance, set them to a schedule, and then it will automate your pinning for you.

Seriously guys… Tailwind is WAY worth the hype!!

Is tailwind worth the hype?

Tip #9: Algorithm Update: Make sure you are creating new and fresh pins

Since Pinterest’s early 2021 algorithm update, they have made many announcements that they are prioritizing FRESH and NEW content over recycled content! If you are still relying on pinning your old content over and over again, think again!

While I still pin my old content, I no longer rely on it. I have to be contently making new and fresh pins to keep my monthly viewers high.

So if you want to get more monthly viewers on Pinterest, you need to be setting aside time to create NEW and FRESH pins!


Probably the most important tip of them all… It’s better to pin one pin per day consistently, then 30 in one day and nothing for the next week. Pinterest wants you to be active and consistent on their platform.

SO… Set reasonable goals for yourself and really try to stick to them! If you are reaching your goals easily (say 2 pins per day), then you can try to up your goal!



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How to get more monthly viewers on Pinterest

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