My Perfect Pinterest Course

You’ve created a site, wrote down some amazing content, but wait… where are all your readers? I have always said that marketing is the most important aspect to any business, including a blog!

That is where Pinterest comes in. Pinterest is the easiest and most affordable ways to drive traffic to your site because instead of it being a social media site, it is actually a search engine.

The algorithm relies on your signals of keyword research, optimizing your settings for the algorithm, and learning success history of viral pins in order to be successful. Gone are the days of pinning something to a board and hoping for the best! You will need a solid strategy in order to be successful in driving traffic to your site.

In this course, I will teach you EVERYTHING I know about being successful on Pinterest from optimizing your settings for the algorithm to creating an eye-catching pin. I have spent hundreds of dollars on Pinterest courses / books, hours on Youtube researching the best Pinterest strategy, and a lot of trial and error so you can have easy-to-understand content in one place.

What I teach in the course:

  • Optimizing your profile for Pinterest’s Algorithm
  • How to set up rich pins
  • What are group boards and how do I find them?
  • Step-by-step guide on how to create eye catching pins
  • A full section with photos on how to make your eye catching pins “click-worthy.”
  • Exactly how I market my pins on AND off Pinterest
  • The ins and outs of Tailwind
  • Pin Launch checklist – free download!
  • Extra bonus sections like my top photography, writing, and monetization tips!
  • And seriously SO much more!!

How to Score FREE Travel Course

Want to live the ultimate DREAM of getting to travel for free as a travel blogger? Well my friend, I am the expert at scoring free trips! I am here to share ALL the details I know on how to work with tourism boards, tour companies and hotels!

I have worked with major hotel chains like Hyatt Regency in Maui as well as boutique hotels like Zion Wildflower Resort! In addition to that, I have scored completely free trips with tourism boards like Maui, Napa Valley, Florida Keys, Miami South Beach, and Lake Tahoe! And let me tell ya, if I can do it.. SO CAN YOU!

This is such a taboo topic in the travel blogger world. I can’t tell you how many travel bloggers I reached out to for advice and guidance and guess what I got in return… crickets!

And the worst part was, I wasn’t asking them to help me for free! I was asking them to let me pay them as a consultant or recommend a course I can take to teach me what they know.

So… After years of trial and error and finally finding the perfect formula to score travel partnerships.. I am here to teach you everything I know!

What I teach you in the course:

  • Learning your value & building your portfolio
  • WHY I DON’T USE MEDIA KITS, and what I use instead!
  • My secret weapon to finding email contacts when there isn’t one online.
  • My EXACT pitching email and examples of deliverables / what to charge.
  • Sponsored Trip Etiquette (how to act once you’re there, tipping, etc.).
  • Hotel Photography tips & business writing tips!
  • The exact contract I use when working with hotels & tourism boards.
  • When to charge, what to charge, and all things money!